paul robertson: kings of power 4 billion %.

So… wow.

After watching this I had to take a moment to figure out if I was on drugs. I’m not, but it made me feel like I was. If you are on drugs, then watching this could make your brain explode. Explode with rainbow MegaMan anime goodness, but explode nonetheless. I don’t guarantee anything.

Paul Robertson has given us everything with “Kings Of Power 4 Billion %.” We’ve got trance-inducing electro-pop Mortal Kombat soundtrack. We’ve got 8-bit throwback goodness. We’ve got disproportionately large-breasted mini Manga-babes. We’ve got intergalactic body-morphing child soldiers. We’ve got panda bear suits. We’ve got world leaders hung on a gigantic floating crucifix. We’ve got blood, sweat, tears, and toil… pixellated! Cities rise, cities fall, heroes are crowned, babies are breastfed, and a murderous monster-Jesus is resurrected to detroy us all. It’s a motherfucking epic.

Plus, you have to proove your age just to watch this shit. That’s how good it is. It’s so good it’s willing to discriminate. It doesn’t give a fuck if you’re too young.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Or you can download it, in much better quality, here.

Via Motionographer


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