sony bravia: domino city.

Sony Bravia spots are the Brangelina of the advertising world. They’ve almost become so big, such an iconic idea unto themselves, that there’s no way they can live up to expectations. Shot in India and airing across the Asia Pacific market, this new spot is the second one not helmed by Fallon London – creator of the legendary global spots – but by Bates 141 Singapore.

(Director: Nic Finlayson.)

It’s cute. Its got colours. Its got an ethnic, spice-market, global unity through the magic of electronics vibe that I kinda dig. The music is a bit too similar to the José González track used in “Balls” which, though lovely, has already been done.

I’m ambivalent.

Those Fallon Sony ads are beyond legendary and are possibly an impossible act to follow. People acted like they’d just experienced The Rapture after “Paint” came out. A 50-state Obama sweep is the only thing that could bring more joy to the world. It’s like being asked to paint Mona Lisa’s sister… it just won’t be that good unless you go in a totally new direction. I’ll admit, though, that if I had seen this spot separately from the others I’d probably love it. That’s what happens when walking in the foot steps of giants.

You can check out a nifty Making Of vid here.

Via Illegal Advertising


  1. Brilliant advertising. Really loved it.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for posting.


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