cbc + the accident factory: macs vs. pcs.

So, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. At first it’s not so confusing: we’ve got Macs, we’ve got PCs, we’ve got “West Side Story”, and we’ve got “Dawn of the Dead.” It’s almost Hallowe’en, they’re hoping this shit goes viral (and I’m blogging it, so I’m contributing to its viral-ness.) Got it. Then I realized that it’s commissioned by the CBC, and that’s where I’m lost.

For those of you who don’t know, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a media dinosaur; generally dull and plodding and slow-moving and about as hip as trucker hats. But it’s Canadian and it’s ours and Canadians love anything that’s been around for 100 years and we’re not about to do something crazy like criticize it. Like the monarchy; we simply don’t question it.  It’s a very Canadian thing to secretly believe that any kind of major change will lead to the downfall of our society. It’s possible that universal healthcare is somehow based on the existence of the CBC, so let’s not rock the boat. We like to keep on keepin’ on.

For a general example of how quick the CBC is to trend-spot, they’ve recently discovered… reality television! Basically they like to wait until something becomes really popular everywhere else, wait a few more years so that it can start to become unpopular, and then do a not-quite-as-good version of what’s now almost throughly unpopular… and somehow hope it becomes popular again.  I imagine a bunch of men, scratching their heads, sitting around a boardroom wondering to themselves “what will those whacky kids do next?” So, the fact that they managed to catch on to something culturally current while it’s still actually culturally current is a little mind-blowing. If they can make it a trend, good for them. I won’t hold my breath though.

Also, since the CBC is publically-funded, that means my taxes have somehow funded the making of this vid. And, thus, I’ve given myself a producer credit. See below…

(Agency: The Accident Factory. Director: Kirby Ferguson. Tax-Based Public Partial Producer: Jeremy Elder and all other tax-paying citizens of Canada.)

Via Wired


  1. proudly, a producer.

    btw! CBC radio 2 kicks ASSSSS! newly revamped it the first thing CBC’s every done that’s a step ahead, Buck 65 hosts the afternoon show fer F@%KS sake! if ya haven’t check it! eh

  2. Thanks for pointing this out… Great and while your giving out producer credits – chalk me in for one – LOL.

  3. ladyloo says:

    I’m a producer!!!


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