causecast + harvey milk: got hope?

I put up a lot of posts about human rights around the world and hope that maybe we can all open our hearts up a bit more to the realities of people who fight for freedom and equality around the world. Right now, though, I’m terrified at how human rights are being attacked right here in North America.

California, a state of more than 35 million people, larger than the population of Canada, is about to vote on Proposition 8 – a government act to legally deny gay people the right to marriage, including the family, tax, legislative, and judicial rights that go with it.

Created by Causecast, this amazing video reminds us of a famous speech given by an outstanding human being, Californian, gay rights activist, and the first openly-gay person elected to public office in the U.S. –  Harvey Milk. Please send it to people you know. Especially if they live in California.

Visit No On Prop 8. If you live in California, vote no on Prop 8.

And know that if we, as citizens of democracies, allow our governments to legislate homosexuals as second class citizens, it diminishes us all. Love is love. Human rights are human rights. And nobody has the right to take away anyone’s right to hope.

Via Towleroad

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