greg shegler.

Greg Shegler’s work is a tidal wave of kick-ass. Based in Toronto, he mixes vintage photos, found materials, pop culture kitsch, retro-Canadiana, childhood goodness, and rainbows into some of the best collage work I’ve ever seen. If you ever thought that Goombas, groundhogs, and Queen Elizabeth couldn’t fit into one work of art, you thought wrong. His stuff is so brilliantly random. Shegler describes his work as a “nostalgic tornado of awesomeness destined to conquer bare walls and sad faces wherever it goes.” Hells yes it is.

Everything he does is killer, but this first one is my favourite. Can you guess why? That’s right. Look to the upper right. Uh huh. That’s a mutha-fucking View-Master cartridge, ladies and gentlemen. How rad is that?

Battered and aged, his collages are like memory mash-ups. The bright, pristine shine of pixellated Super Mario pipes and Dorothy’s face seems so perfectly placed inside the frail, degrading backdrop of old photos from the 70s and 80s. It’s like a combination of perfect psychological memory laid on top of the fading material record of the exact same time. Preserved forever in thought yet destined, like all things, to have its materials slowly crumble away.


  1. lounge… not lunge 😛

  2. Hey! The bottom one with Dorothy is up at a lunge next to my house.. .Margret. We should go for brunch, it’s great. This guy does super cool stuff… hope to see more of it around Toronto

  3. uberblue64 says:

    I think that these images would make great currency! Someone smarter than I would have to figure out the anti-counterfeiting measures, but we could use it here in the states (hell, the dollar almost isn’t worth counterfeiting anymore!).

    I’m with you all the way on the viewmaster thing. That can be our $20 banknote if the dollar drops far enough to match the value of that odd shaped coin. And the Viewmaster fucking rocks! Where are all the porn slides? The problem will be that the small mammals on that image resemble weasels… in the US there is apparently a prohibition against using images of living persons on postage stamps and banknotes. Weasels look so much like our congress and senate that we might have a problem…

    I’m very glad that you shared these with us. Randomness is incredible.


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  2. […] you’re into Gearon’s work, then you should also check out the collage work of Greg Shegler and the amazing photography of one of my favourite artists, Ryan […]

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