andy huang: the gloaming.

Here’s proof positive that nobody should work alone in a cubicle after dark. Tell your bosses. I first discovered Andy Huang with his extraordinary animated short “Doll Face.” He continues his ridiculously good mix of live action and animation with his tingly, night-drenched, monitor-lit “The Gloaming.”

As with any good film-maker or animator, technical proficiency isn’t enough. The best animator in the world could produce bullshit work if they don’t know how to use those skills to make us feel something. Huang’s stuff always strikes me emotionally – while the work itself seems effortless – and that’s what really matters.

You should really watch the glorious HD version of “The Gloaming” right here, but there’s also a mediocre-quality YouTube version for you impatient types:


  1. That’s really good, but still lacks of impact, and is largely inspired by Silent Hill 4.

    Thanks for sharing though !


  1. […] Reminding me of the amazing genetic mutational imaginings of Lucyandbart, the vid is directed by another artist with experience in visualizing the future.I first discovered Andy Huang over two years ago with his spectacular short film “Doll Face”, a story of robotic narcissism that has to be seen to be believed, which he followed up with his sinister and disturbing “The Gloaming.“ […]

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