ian dallas: the unfinished swan.

I’m a little freaked out right now because I’ve had nightmares about snow blindness and this very thing: waking up in a pure white world, without shadow or colour or visual dimension. In my nightmare I wake up and all I can see is white, a sort of polar blindness, and can’t discern where I am or what’s around me. Not white in a pure, pristine, blank slate type of way. Not white as light, but white as void. As an inescapable nothingness. It’s fucking terrifying.

“The Unfinished Swan” is a visually-stunning new first-person game, created by L.A.-based game designer Ian Dallas, that places you firmly inside this white world. Only by throwing black paint balls can you determine what’s around you, creating dimension from the splatter.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The game is still in production and there aren’t any current plans to release it, but with some growing internet buzz there’s a chance that may change.

It’s when I found this following screenshot on Dallas’ website that I really shit my pants. How did he know? He’s like Freddy Kreuger. Ian Dallas – get out of my mind!

Via Today and Tomorrow


  1. I’m going to spend all day wondering how you got that veil to fly out to the side like that. Her hair isn’t boliwng, so . . . fishing line? Puppet string? No matter what, I love it.

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