anonymous: just douche it.

So this little puppy turned up on Adrants today. Apparently it’s about to appear in a yet unnamed international publication, and the equally anonymous tipster told them “We prefer to keep the publication anonymous for now but this will be going to print in the very near future and we expect it to provoke some discussion and probably some threats of legal action.”

Looks very Adbusters-ish to me, but who knows. I like Nike. I wear Nikes. So I’m not posting this to trash them. Because the only thing I like more than my right to enjoy and support a brand, no matter how ubiquitous it may be, is the right of anyone else to hate it enough to make fun of it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jake for letting me know that Just Douche It did actually turn up as the back cover on the latest issue of Adbusters. Sweet.



  1. Good guess! It’s on the back of the most recent US version of Adbusters.

  2. I think he’s hot

  3. Christian says:

    Just do shit..?

  4. instant classic

  5. R. Astley says:

    ha, thats hot. makes me wanna hit a big gulp.


  1. […] the rest of the story here via […]

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