gemma smith.

At her recent show at Sarah Cottier Gallery in New South Wales, Australia, artist Gemma Smith showed off her eye for contrast and colour. On top of her painted works, my faves are her large, multi-faceted acrylic sculptures, which she calls “boulders.” I want to lick them; they look like the top of a gigantic ring pop. It might be tempting to think this type of modern graphic art is simple, and I know we’re into a big “My Kid Could Draw That” phase right now, but don’t be fooled. Visual interest like this isn’t just an accident. There’s a balance here that takes talent to create; an almost asymmetrical symmetry, where the angles, planes, and colours chosen by Smith create a fascination when you stare at this gargantuan gem. Usually, the things that seem the simplest are the hardest to do well…









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