roel wouters + zzz: running with the beast.

I’ve been following Roel Wouters since I posted on him earlier this year. He pushes the boundaries of typography, illustration, and design not just through his finished work but also through innovating in the execution of the work.


That outside the box thinking definitely came into play with his direction for the video for the title track of Dutch psyhcoelectro duo zZz’s new album “Running With The Beast.” Two chickens (well, really they’re boy chickens… so they’re cocks) were dipped in red and blue Ecoline – an enviro-friendly, water-based ink – and then set out on sheets of white paper to do what two cocks do best. The blueprint of their resulting fight is traced in colours across the paper, creating both the video and a series of posters.


It’s violent and disconcerting and a little bit perfect. The brilliance and aggression of nature is fascinating to watch. I’m worried that you animal-lovers out there might shit your pants at this, but what’s a little cockfighting for the sake of art? Just to ease your mind, they claim no cocks were hurt in the making of this video. They were just really fucking riled up.

You can check out the making of vid here. Wouters also did another completely hot video for zZz in 2007 for their track “Grip.”

Via It’s Nice That

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