crush & lovely: fifty people one question.

I’m not entirely sure what makes this short vid by Crush & Lovely so interesting. Voyeurism, definitely. Curiousity, probably. That, and how sometimes people can be so shockingly candid when they’re caught off guard. Or maybe just that people in New York seem cooler than anyone from anywhere else…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you just can’t get enough, then check out “Fifty People One Question: New Orleans” directed by Benjamin Reece.

Via Swiss Miss


  1. Thank you for posting our project! We are currently expanding our project to cities around the world. Check out our new ‘Fifty People’ video from London:

    We look forward to hearing your response to our question! Thanks again!


  1. […] films from crush & lovely. 27 01 2009 Crush & Lovely continue their “Fifty People One Question” series with two new installments: Brooklyn and London. They’ve also expanded the idea into a […]

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