shape+colour = one.

It started with several harrassing emails from my boss telling me I should start a blog. And so, exactly a year ago today, I started shape+colour not really knowing where it would go or what would happen. I never would have thought that, 450 posts later, shape+colour would evolve into such an important part of my life: I’ve met so many crazy and inspiring people from all around the world, had the thrill of talking to some of the artists I’ve blogged about, been sent so many cool messages out of the blue, and experienced an incredible thrill over sharing, at the end of the day, basically whatever I think is beautiful.

To everyone that comes here and reads shape+colour, I want to say thanks. We may not all know each other by name, but wherever you are in the world, if you’ve been here more than once, I’m hoping it’s because we share the love and desire, curiousity and amazement, and never-ending possibilities that lie within our collective drive to create and experience art together. And that is pretty fucking awesome.

I’ve got some goodies in store for 2009. Thanks for being here for the beginning.



  1. dryadart says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year, and so have my design students, so keep up the good work!!

  2. Hey!

    Congrats to you for completing one year of dissipating creative stuff for people all around the world. Though your blog is part of my Google Reader for almost 6 months now, i really enjoy reading it everyday. You really pick some interesting and creative stuff from around the world for us to see, which we would have missed in the hustle bustle of our daily lives. So, i think it is we who should thank you for bringing in so much stuff right to our desktop for such a long time. Happy Birthday Shapes+Colour !

    Thanks again. And yes, do hope to see you next year soon.

    Salaam Namaste from India.

  3. Christopher Robin says:

    you are incredible. never dim yourself.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Congrats Jeremy! Here’s to AT LEAST 10 more 🙂

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