brighten the corners: victor & susie.

I’m a crazy sucker for anything that falls into that whole kidstuff-for-adult category. Whenever artists and designers take the nostalgia and imagination of childhood and envision through some slick adult design sensibilities, the result can be that ideal balance of young at heart and style savvy. In that spirit,  multi-disciplinary design and strategy shop Brighten The Corners brings us “Victor & Susie”. All of the illustrations in the 72-page pocket-book are created by slyly manipulating letters and tells the story of Susie, a girl who finds a sick snail, Victor, in her vegetable garden and nurses him back to health. Described as “a modern tale about caring, mending and letting-go, drawn with letters and punctuation marks.”

“Victor & Susie” is up for sale on Brighten The Corners’ site. Cute as hell.





Via Cool Hunting

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