chuck anderson: wandering off into space.

NoPattern (a.k.a. Chuck Anderson) is one of my fave artists ever. One of his prints, “Places You Can’t Imagine”, hangs above my bed.

Now, his website has (huzzah!) a promo for a new book of art, design, illustration, and photography he’s releasing, called “Wandering Off Into Space”,with (boo!) absolutely no details other than it’s coming in December 2008. It’s already the 17th. I need it now. I don’t need to know anything about it. If it’s from Chuck Anderson, then it’s awesomeness is guaranteed.


UPDATE: The book is now totally up for sale for the crazy reasonable price of only $25. Considering the quality of his work, Chuck is basically giving thie shit away for free. I’ve already ordered mine, and so should you. Right now. Plus there are some gorgeous new pics of the book as well. As if this wasn’t already all incentive enough, it’s been announced that a portion of the proceeds from the book are going to Invisible Children.





  1. To make it even worse, he’s also kinda hot!

  2. ghostly says:

    the book is for sale now! has it

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