daniel eatock: prismacolor pen print.

I loves me some Daniel Eatock, and his “Pantone Pen Print” back in 2006 quickly became one of my favourite things. In it, he balanced a complete set of Pantone markers upside down on a stack of paper and let gravity do the work. The colours, travelling osmosis-like down into the sheets of paper, created fascinating organic swirls of colour. There’s something so interesting about seeing how the shapes align themselves without the aided touch of the artist. Though, just like a scientific experiment, the amazing results wouldn’t exist without the initial idea of is creator.


For this follow up project, “Prismacolor Pen Print”, he created a diptych balancing a full set of Prismacolor markers upside down, inside indiviual glasses, on two stacks of paper for 5 weeks. The ink seeped through 31 sheets, creating 31 completely unique pieces. Just like with his previous project, the prices for each piece will be the reverse of how close it was to the top of the stack. #1, receiving the most colour at the top of the stack, will be £31, and #31, getting the least ink at the bottom, will be £1. Such beautiful simplicity.




Via COLOURlovers


  1. Iam Looking to see if the prisma color pens are a good investment. But what you have donee is already art work! Bravo

  2. this is awesome + beautiful

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