gary hustwit: objectified.

Yes please. The amazing Gary Hustwit’s new full-length industrial design doc, “Objectified”, is gearing up to hit the festivals this spring and the trailer has just been released. Featuring design luminaries like Apple’s Jonathan Ive – the man who led the designs for nothing less than the iMac, Powerbook, iPod, and iPhone – and many more, “Objectified” opens our eyes to the fact that everything we see, all around us, every day… was designed. Someone, somewhere, is responsible for the specific way we interact with everything we touch. If you think about it long enough, you start to go nuts.


Watch the trailer. Watch it right now:

Hustwit also directed 2007’s “Helvetica”, one of my fave documentaries ever, about the ubiquitous, much loved (and much maligned… someone’s always gotta hate) mega-font. If you didn’t see “Helvetica” then you missed out. Even if you’re not a design nerd you’ll enjoy it. And if you are a design nerd, then “Helvetica” is pretty much typophile porn. I dare you to watch it without touching yourself…

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