mikel uribetxeberria.

I love it when my expectations (and my notions of what belongs where) are shattered. And when it’s done by a beautifully-honed image, then that’s even more kick ass.  It’s the sort of unassuming subtlety of these shots by Basque photographer Mikel Uribetxeberria that gets me. The locations are sort of banal and sterile, while the animals don’t appear unnerved; they’re almost pensively bored more than anything else. It’s the apparent, unapologetic normalcy of such an incrediblly abnormal situation that makes these shots so interesting.










  1. this is exactly like doug aitken’s migrations…

  2. Teapod says:

    Look great when not only humans and dogs, but other animals is in public places. Now it is very small variety of living forms in cities – same trees, same pigeons. Those photo could be a vision on future, when city structure will acceptable even for wild animals, question is how to do it. 😀

  3. absolutely stunning!


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