universal everything: forever.

Matt Pyke and the folks at Universal Everything are running one of the best design shops in the entire world. In case you missed it, the mind-blowing Advanced Beauty was my favourite thing in 2008. Now they’re kicking off 2009 with equal awesomeness.

“Forever” is a large videowall floating above the pond in the John Madegaki Garden at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. It plays an endless number of unique, morphing images that constantly “rise” from the surface of the water. The result is classic Universal Everything: a heightened commingling of organic and digital as they continue to explore the ways that technology can reinterpret natural forms into stunning new visuals. With the animation designed around a central “spine”, the forms, though abstract, to me seemed beautifully reminiscent of everything from  a swirl of smoke, to a budding branch, to a genetic double helix, to a flash of lighting, to an incandescent wind-blown feather, and more.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you’re not able to make it in person to see the installation in London, then there’s also an online installation creating an equally-endless series of podcasts, making the experience available to anyone with a computer. It’s pretty much brilliant. “Forever” is also being used to create 20,000 completely unique postcards, which (hopefully) we can get our hands on somehow. Maybe not all 20,000… but one or five would be cool.

Check out the making of:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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