bastien roger: milk.

Too much of any good thing is poison. And in a world covered and corrupted in meaningless colour, the beauty of colour itself is lost. More than just an interesting visual study, Bastien Roger’s short film “Milk” is a look at the vital importance of opposites; no good thing can be beautiful taken out of its context. Light only has meaning as the polar of darkness, music only has meaning becuase we’ve also know the sound of silence, and colour only has meaning in contrast to its absence. The brilliance of a blue sky is only so because the horizon it rests upon isn’t also blue.

So the protagonist runs away from colour, searching for whiteness, not to rid himself of colour but to rediscover its true meaning. Which could really be a metaphor for anyone who has garnered so much of something that they need to leave it behind in order to find it again.


For me, the purity sought after here isn’t the absence of colour but the culmination of it. Pure light is made up of every hue in the spectrum; it takes our prisms and dyes and pigments to break it down into it’s component colours in a way that our eyes can recognize. His search is really to find the most elevated form of colour and truth. In a very real way, though we can’t see it, white is the most colourful entity of all.


You can check out the first half of the film below on Vimeo, and if it’s your thing then you can watch the full (frustratingly slow-loading but worth it in the end) film by clicking here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Motionographer

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