sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson: winter song.

There is a feeling you only get when it’s fantastically cold. When you’re outside despite all reasonable inclinations that you should be very much inside. When the air is so crisp that all thoughts and breath rise straight up in a single line, unhindered by anything other than the desire to alight above the frigid vacuum. There’s a beauty in it, and an emptiness, all wrapped up in a realization and the hollow, life-affirming half-comfort that as enjoyable as this feeling might be, you can only survive here for so long. So make the most of it, and remember it well. This song and video, sublime and exquisite and delicate, is just that feeling for me.

From the fantastic Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, from the all-female album “The Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs”.

And, the making of vid:

(Production: Crush UK.)


  1. Nicole E says:

    Elder! I love both of these ladies and live for their music!!!!! This video makes me this the snow a little! Just a little! Love ya!

  2. aaahhh. i love songs like this. the kind of song that hits the core of you. the kind of song that if you really, truly let yourself be in the moment with it would make the back of your throat tighten a bit and refresh your computer glaring eyes with a drop of hope. thanks for that. love ingrid michaelson. i may just have to steal this to post on my mog page. i’m now going to go outside for a c-c ski, even though i should probably stay in. cheers.


  1. […] Animated video for “Winter Song” – after watching this I went and downloaded a bunch of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. But the video is really sweet too. […]

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