daniel + geo fuchs: toygiants.

Toys are much more than play things. Indelibly woven into our experiences and imagination, the images of our pop culture and lunchbox covers are carried with us forever. German team Daniel and Geo Fuchs study the forms and faces of iconic action heros and other figurines, approaching them not as toys but as people. Their portraits are shot in extreme close-up and then hugely enlarged in gallery, emulating a plain, realistic style usually reserved for more fleshy subjects. Magnified to such extremes, the curves and nuances in their faces, the weight of their bodies and experiences, become startlingly human.





An emotional air not always connected with the idea of “playing” shines through; they look forlorn, anguished, contemplative, vapid. They’re  surprisingly relatable. In fact, they look adult. Then the question becomes not just why are we able to see such a reflection of ourselves in these little plastic icons, but why, since they were created by our hands and moulded into our images of heroism and perfection, did we not see ourselves in them all along?





There are way more photos, including group shots, at the Toygiant site, and if you just can’t get enough then the entire series is also included in a slick-looking  Toygiants book.

Via Everyone Forever


  1. interessante


  1. […] Or, to put it more simply, He-Man is really fucking awesome. If you’re into these, you’ll love Daniel and Geo Fuchs’ Toygiants. […]

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