dickson chow + vinh chung: the veiled commodity.

The world feels full of so much hope right now, and with the inauguration of Barack Obama a historic step has been made. People have realized that true change can be realized in their very own lifetime, and that’s a truly transcendent thing.


It’s tempting right now to begin to think that all of our debts have been repaid. That part of the shadow of slavery has been lit away by the election of America’s first African-American President. And perhaps some of it has. But “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”… and that’s precisely what’s happening. Slavery exists around the world at this very moment – sexual slaves, migrant workers, child soldiers. At this very moment the exact abominations we might like to think we’re finally rectifying are happening over and over again. Sometimes in our own backyard.

Directors Dickson Chow and Vinh Chung know that awareness needs to be spread. Watch this film. To do something, visit Stop The Traffik.

Via Feed.


  1. This is a great initiative. I’m supporting STOP THE TRAFFIK through my blog (kiwimillionaire dot com) and raising funds at http://www.justgiving.com/ryankilfoil. Together we can all do more. Thanks for your support and words.

  2. Thank you for writing such a poignant entry relating to the short.

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