jason de caires taylor: underwater sculptures.

Creating environmental art inside the world’s largest gallery, Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures literally come to life. A passionate scuba diver and artist, his oceanic installations are otherworldly, enigmatic, and astoundingly beautiful. He creates solemn and haunting human shapes, arresting in their casual acts and calm conformity. Like outcasts of Atlantis, living all of their days at the bottom of the world.


To me, the most magical part of all is that over time these works aren’t just displayed in the ocean, they literally become the ocean. They wear away, erode into liquid, and plant life spreads itself across them. Absorbed by the very medium that creates their interest, they’re both a celebration and a sacrifice to the sea.

If you’re into this, check out the world-renowned outdoor installation of Antony Gormley and Nicola Basic’s amazing Sea Organ.




Via The Post Family


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