radiohead + aniboom: in rainbows video contest winners.

Radiohead is the best band in the history of sound. I might be a little unhealthily into Radiohead, but I don’t care. They’re cool as shit. The epitome of art is not only created in their music but also in their constant drive to foster new artists, encourage innovation and experimentation, and inspire. Last year aniBoom teamed up with Radiohead to create a video to any track from the then freshly released masterpiece “In Rainbows.”

Over the last 10 months the competition was honed down from the original 900 storyboards sent in to just 236 entries who produced a clip of their vision. From them, 13 semi-finalists were chosen to fully produce their video. The contest was originally offering a $10,000 prize to one winner, but the work was so stellar that Radiohead added $30,000 to the pot and picked four worthy vids. The results, nurtured from a true spirit of creativity, are incredible. Here are all four, including my favourite, Tobias Stretch’s vid for “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.”

Clement Picon: Reckoner

Wolfgang Jaiser & Claus Winter: Videotape

Kota & Totori: 15 Step

Via Cool Hunting


  1. Wow, I hadn’t seen Tobias’ film since a large portion of it was still in storyboard format – he definitely did a great job of translating his ideas, although I have to admit it did turn out to be even more bizarre than I imagined…still great though. Love the Reckoner and Videotape clips too, but not a huge fan of the 15 Step clip though. Nevertheless, exciting that Radiohead are giving 4 teams such a great opportunity.

  2. Beautiful vids!

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