ryan sims: just watch the sky.

This is my new favourite thing. Virb’s lead designer Ryan Sims mixes music, discovery, typography, and the inherent poetry of song lyrics into Just Watch The Sky, a sleek, simple, and totally kick-ass site that is one-half beautiful design and one-half music.


The site is one page only, with a small audio player in the corner to play the track and see who you’re listening to. Lyrics from the song are laid out typographically to put the beauty of the lyrics themselves on display as well. There they sit, unmoving and aching, and the site blends a mix of sound and sight into a total experience merging both senses. The visual and sonic compliment and augment each other; audio poetry; visual sound.

Sims’ taste in music is killer, and I’ve discovered a few new artists (Kyle Andrews being one of the them…) from the site. I can’t get enough of it. I want to live here.






  1. Okay, so other than Frightened Rabbit, DCFC, Jimmy Eat World, Animal Collective, Dr. Dog and maybe one other (out of the 31) were all new. I’m overwhelmed, in a good way. I’ve been in need of a new mixed CD and I believe these new finds will fit the bill. Thanks!

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