sony play station: flower.

This is pretty amazing. “Flower” is a new game for Play Station 3 that’s breaking the mould of the typical first-person run and shoot fest. Helmed by lead creative designer Jenova Chen (watch an excellent video of Chen himself narrating a demo of the game on Gamespot), each level starts with a lonely flower sitting on the windowsill of a grey urban apartment.


The game begins, poetically, inside each “flower’s dream.” Your job is to guide petals from the flower across different landscapes by tilting the controller. That’s it. As Joystiq wrote: “There’s no time limit, no hazards, no points system and, really, no way to fail.” It’s not so much as game as a beautiful zen relaxation exercise.

Check out this fan-created trailer for the game, fortuitously set to one of my fave songs of all time “Gold In The Air Of Summer” by Kings of Convenience. It’s so austere and lovely, and could completely be a music video or animated short. The quality and detail of the graphic animation is unreal. Definitely click on the HD button to get the full effect…

“Flower” is being released in the U.S. and Europe on February 12.

Via Towleroad


  1. Crazy beautiful… what an unique idea. (Ah Harry, I’m simply thinking this just isn’t the game for you…)

  2. Harry Gousopoulos says:

    As beautiful as the graphics and the “ride” may be … this game would grow tired, fast. Unless that is, you can arm your flower petals with supersized bazookas and shoot people in the face.

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