“the adventures of tintin: the secret of the unicorn” begins production…

When I was 8 there were only two things that really mattered to me: Super Mario and Tintin.

I could count time in Tintins. The drive to my grandparents house was equivalent to the time it took to read four Tintins. As a unit of measurement, this reads as 4 TTs. Flight to Montréal: 7 TTs. The wait from the time I woke up on Christmas morning until the time I was allowed to wake up my parents at 8:00am: 10 TTs. The time it will take me to write this post: approx 0.4 TTs.


When I was 22 I went to Europe for the first time, and as soon as I got to Belgium  (home of Hergé, Tintin’s creator, and a country where Tintin is as universally iconic and loved as Superman is in North America), I went right to Brussels. In case you’re wondering, Brussels is Tintin-central. I went to the Tintin Museum, the Tintin store and amassed a large amount of quality European Tintin souvenirs, including the replica of the Cold War-era rocket from “Destination Moon.” Yes, I’m a fanboy.

I’ve been following the buzz about the upcoming Tintin feature film for a few years and now that it’s finally coming to fruition I don’t think it could be in better hands.  Paramount and Sony announced this week that principal photography has begun on “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of  the Unicorn.” A combination of the plots from the original “The Secret of The Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure”, the film (get this…) is being directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Spielberg,  Peter Jackson (that’s right, Peter muthafucking Jackson) and Kathleen Kennedy, and shot in 3-D motion capture by the geniuses at Jackson’s own Weta Digital.  Epic. These men are titans in this genre. This movie. Will be. The shit.


Plus, there’s a scene where Tintin drives around in a submarine shaped like a shark. I can’t wait to see what Spielberg does with that. What else do you need, really?


Jamie Bell (best known for “Billy Elliott”) is playing Tintin, Daniel Craig is playing the pirate Red Rackham, and Andy Serkis (Golum from the “Lord of the Rings” films) is Captain Haddock. I understand that if you’ve never read Tintin this means nothing to you. However, if you did and love it as much as I do, then this news will trigger a wave of old skool nostalgia and fits of euro-comic giddiness.

The option is up for two more films to follow (the second, reportedly, to be directed by Jackson). It’s not clear yet if the first movie will cover just “The Secret of The Unicorn”, with the planned sequel moving into “Red Rackham’s Treasure”, or if the first film will blend them both. IMDB lists the release date as 2010, but most media sources are saying 2011. Either is too far away.

Thanks to Harry for the info.


  1. ishan banga says:

    hey folks…

    look what i found…

    tintin comics all in 1 …resumable links ..in pdf…

    see here–http://myfundoo-blog.blogspot.com/2009/09/tin-tin-comics-resumable-links.html

  2. I agree with andre, that would completely ruin my childhood. I dressed up as Tintin for Halloween once. Definitely going to take an afternoon off and brake-out the memories. fan-frickin-tastic

  3. This is very exciting. I have been a lifetime Tintin fan, and since it was recently completed, here’s a photo of my love: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=32896061&id=40601465

  4. If you will forgive the self promotion, I suggest you read this article on Red Rackham’s Treasure and the real life shark submersible inspired by Tintin.

  5. goosebump, spine-tingling, bitchin’ radness.

  6. i really hope they don’t fuck it up.

  7. Richard Bettig says:

    Tintin et Milou… yes a Fan since …. 60 years.. is it that long?
    My first book was Tintin au Congo, which is still wery controversial in the USA
    and I believe was the first one,
    Let’s not forget that Tintin Milou and Capitaine Haddock went to the Moon before Neil Armstrong! I hope that this movie comes out before I’m the one
    gone somewhere else.
    In the mean time I’ll go back to my complete collection, and enjoy
    Capitaine Haddock cursing … Mille million de sabords.. Tonnere de Brest.

  8. As a slobbering, life-long Tintin fan, I am looking forward to this, but I am also nervous… I hope they can pull it off!

  9. @Michael

    Bob Hoskins was awesome as Mario! That’s one of my all time favorite childhood movies!

  10. Wow! That will be epic. If only they would sign on to do a Super Mario movie that doesn’t have Bob Hoskins playing an Italian plumber…


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