michael flückiger: pandora’s box + typographic spiderweb.

Swiss artist and computer wiz Michael Flückiger combines installation, text art, and computer program design to create interactive text/projection works. I really dig these.

First is “Pandora’s Box.” There was a moment at the beginning where all I could think of was Kubrick’s iconic line “My God… It’s full of stars!” I’m pretty sure it’s saying something about the myth of Pandora. If anyone out there can read German, I would love to know what it says….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Equally cool is “Typographic Spiderweb.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. He jeremy!
    or to the one who reads it. thx for all your blogging i really enjoy it and found some great stuff here. so i´m from austria, from a small town called innsbruck in the heart of the alps.
    yes you were right, it´s about the box of pandora. my english isn´t that bad but also not flawless. i translated the text from the box of pandora as follows:

    Greek mythology says: After opening the box of pandora every evil , but also every good came over the world. the box was a present of zeus to pandora who was married to the titan epimetheus. zeus told pandora to not open the box, und er no circumstances. overwhelmed by curiosity she or her husband epimetheus opened it. from that point of time all evil broke out over the world. before that mankind had not experienced evil, trouble or illness and men were like god´s immortal. but before also elpis (great hope) was able to get out of the box it was closed. world became a deslolate, bleakly place till pandora opened the box again and set hope free. today opening the box of pandora is the embodiment banefullness (???)(evil).

    well this is my translation. feel free to correct me. thx.
    keep on blogging

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