This just goes to show how important visual identity is to any form of media, and how much it can enhance the total experience. I stumbled onto this poster for a Chicago-based band called Chandeliers over at The Post Family. I was like a robot – I didn’t even hesitate for a second and I was clicking to hear more. Just because the poster is so damn hot. I want to dive right in there…


Luckily, the Chandeliers are kick ass (I’m especially into “Mango Tree”…) but their design work is so royally killer that I fell right in love. Part of record/tee-shirt/design/all-around awesome collective Obey Your Brain, Chandeliers’ brand energy is like visual Skittles; it’s filled with raucous colour, laser lights, rainbow fonts, acid trips, and night skies. Even their mySpace quickly phases through the colour wheel.  I dug around and wasn’t able to find any design credits (it could be the band members themselves) so if anyone knows who’s behind all this goodness, please clue me in because whoever it is they deserve some massive shout out.

Check out the design work for their first two albums and some of their concert posters. They’re glowy, sleek, and feel like the future:




sonothequewoyb2 copy


But we’re just getting started. On their Blogspot (these guys have a lot of sites…) I also found links for some of the video art used in their shows, directed by TJ Hellmuth:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. YO!

    I did it..

    Chris K from the band

    thanks for the props..


  1. […] own visual identities to match with the sonic ones. Alongside the work of one of my Chicago faves, Chandeliers, comes music from artist/designer Nigel Evan Dennis (aka Electric Heat) who on top of all his […]

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