d-pad hero.

This is killer. Created by Kent Hansen and Andreas Pedersen, D-Pad Hero is an NES emulation game that plays Guitar Hero on an old-skool Nintendo. This is the 8-bit shit right here. It’s so beyond rad I almost don’t want to talk about it anymore for fear that it’s actually a dream and I’m about to wake up.


There are only 4 songs right now (donate to the creators and you could get to pick a song to go into version 2.0) but they’re the perfect four songs: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Harder Better Faster Stronger” (the original Daft Punk version – not the Kanye), “The Way You Make Me Feel”, and “The Swing Of Things.” It’s so bang on it almost makes me laugh out loud. My body doesn’t know what else to do with all its pent up geek joy and Mega Man nostalgia.

My fave is the Daft Punk (below), but Slash does a pretty good job, too:

You can check out vids of Pedersen playing all the songs here. If you’re really into, then sign the online petition for Ninteno Wii to produce the game.


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