pandapanther + onitsuka tiger: zodiac race.

PandaPanther is one of my fave animation design shops in the entire world. Their contribution to Advanced Beauty was unbelievable. Time and again, their character work is unmatched, giving an inner-life and personality to each creation that connects you to the work in a deep, emotional way. It’s an amazing example of the power of animation and motion to feel intrinsically real even though the characters are created from imagination.


With the typical PandaPanther blend of sublime and whacky, their latest spot is part of Onitsuka Tiger’s 60th anniversary campaign.”The Zodiac Race” brings to life, with some hints of classic Animé style, the Japanese legend of a race that animals ran to win spots on the zodiac. It also ties into a hand-made diorama of an Onitsuka Tiger shoe that will be travelling the world as part of the campaign.

The spot is vibrant, quirky, and moves with an electric video game pace:

Watch the making of vid:

Via Motionographer


  1. Hey this was done with Amsterdam Worldwide

  2. @David

    Seems like the Japanese and Chinese concepts have some similarities, but they are two separate ideas:

  3. The 12 animals of the zodiac is a Chinese concept, not a Japanese idea, no? Based on their lunar calendar.

  4. very very lovely….

  5. laura host says:

    looks nice but story is boring. missing something


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