mystery photo.

I found this incredible snap on Design You Trust™. Unfortunately, the post there doesn’t give any info about the pic. It’s from a site called Zamin Online, which is mostly in Arabic. Does anybody have any ideas on where the pic might be from? I would love to know if it’s some kind of colour-based cultural event, or what the purpose/history (if any…) is behind the amazing vibrancy everyone is sporting.

Click on the pic below to enlarge and see it in its original context at Zamin Online.



  1. reverte says:

    Here’s more information about the photographer!

  2. The photographer is Poras Chaudhary, see

    Colorful India

  3. It also appear as a wallpaper image on :

    That´s not Holi festival because people are not painted

  4. This is an incredible photo, is there any way to talk to the poster of the photographer about where the photo was taken?

  5. What a fabulous photo! It looks too amazing to be random lol! it almost looks set up. I agree though that it looks like it might be from India. What a colorful world they live in 🙂

  6. Amazing photo! I’m just south of the border, and a bit west, and we are still living in a nearly monochrome world. I found your blog after doing a search on Gaston Bachelard. I am reading the book now and find it enchanting; also difficult …. my dictionary nearby, my notebook too. best to you and your work.

  7. I think “Ali R” is on to something.
    The photo may have been taken during the Hindu spring festival “Holi” or Festival of Colors…

    That’s my guess anyway.

  8. Hi,

    I think this photo is from India, i’m not sure, but these people do look from my place. Also, the dress and the colours are typical of the people. Possibly, from the northern region. I’m curious if these are tea plantation and the people workin there… really a mystery.

  9. this is really too beautiful.

  10. A-MAZING


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