coca-cola: encounter.

So I’ll admit that maybe this ad treads a little closely to sappy, but there’s something about it that totally got to me. In back-lash to economic-misery and the general doomsday feelings of the recession, I think advertising is going to keep shifting towards the abandonment of feel good and speak directly to a need to be positive. And, yeah, we’re not idiots, if it sells some Coke in the process then that obviously helps.

In this lovely Spanish Coca-Cola spot, “Encounter”, a 102 year-old man is brought to meet a new-born baby boy. They’re not related, and have no reason to meet other than the connection of both being human. The old man’s face when he first sees the boy brought me to the edge. He then gives the youngin’ some sage advice that would normally be a bit obsequious, but seems so genuinely heart-felt and honestly-meant that I let myself go and went for the emotional ride of it. And you should too. Sometimes, it just feels good to feel good.

(Agency: McCann Erickson Madrid. Director: Andy Fogwill.)


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