ray ban + never hide: super chameleon.


I like the way Ray Ban is doing viral. They’re being fairly transparent about it; through their Never Hide Films they’re not trying to outright mask who they are but they’re also not veiling it so thinly that they come off as ignorant of how viral works. There’s nothing worse than a “viral vid” that ends with a button shot on the logo. Then it’s just an ad that someone’s put online. Although it’s an ad trying to cloak itself into something the company clearly doesn’t understand, and that’s just brutally, horrifically lame.

For Ray Ban the whole thing is mostly working: that vid of the guy flipping sunglasses onto his face has got about 4 million YouTube hits and the vid of the cow giving birth to a dude got 1.8 million. Although, when they tried to go a bit more high budget with their lame-ass vid of the guy with the 13-scoop ice cream cone it was total fail (read: 12,000 hits), so there’s always room for a little improvement.

Their latest vid, “Super Chameleon”, is right up my alley. If for no other reason than it stars nature’s most awesome reptile – the chameleon. It’s alive and it changes colours. You don’t need anything else, people. If shape+colour had a reptilian mascot, it would be a chameleon. Hopefully it would be this chameleon, cause he’s obviously into electro…


Thanks to Abby at Current for the tip


  1. ludovic jakobsen says:

    @ledge: or maybe it was just CGI?

  2. Ruby Paul says:

    I actually received this video through one of my co-workers and I can say that it doesn’t work as an Ad for Ray Ban. Others have no idea that this is a viral video for Ray Ban. The only reason why I identified it as an Ad for Ray Ban is when they quickly showed “Never Hide” at the end of the video. I know of Ray Ban because I’ve been an avid Ray Ban sunglass wearer for years and I swear by the quality, no one can top them – but the viral thing needs to be defined better. Those glasses looked quite cheap and outdated. If they’re trying to catch the younger consumer, they should use the “cooler” style shades. The brand was too understated on this video.

  3. pony says:

    Then you would also know that it is a Veiled Chameleon LOL
    So fake, either way.
    This is getting passed around as “wow, chameleons are so cool!”
    Nobody gets that it is a commercial!

  4. ledge says:

    it’s a neat concept but really, really lousy implementation.

    I used to have a panther chameleon, so I know a bit about them. the fact that he is displaying his crest so dramatically and his side patterns are so vivid is indication that he is under severe stress. severe repeated stress can dramatically shorten the life of a chameleon (they decide to stop eating). so the way they did this “commercial” borders on animal abuse. they would have been better off with a cgi chameleon.


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