tomas nilsson + slagsmålsklubben: provided by destiny.

This is the shit. Give me some way-finding, some Helvetica, a touch of pixel art, and some 60s new-wave engineering manual and I’m on board. The feel of this is so smooth and detached. I love each and every single thing about this vid. I want more more more. Nilsson should do a whole series of re-imagined fairytales. It would kick ass.

Inspired by (and really more of an homage to) Röyksopp’s epic video for “Remind Me”, Swedish animator Tomas Nilsson created this re-interpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood” as part of a school project, set to Slagsmålsklubben’s track “Provided By Destiny.” 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. Excellent. I was just thinking fondly of the “Remind Me” video yesterday. It’s good to see it again. I also bought the The Path, the new Red Riding-Hood inspired game from Tale of Tales ( ), just moments ago. Perfect confluence.


  1. […] sua própria versão de Chapeuzinho Vermelho. O vídeo ficou muito divertido, e como disseram no shape+colour, Nilsson podia criar uma série com várias adaptações de contos de […]

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