n.a.s.a. + syd garon + sage vaughn: way down.

I’m losing my mind right now, that’s how hot this is. “Way Down” is the latest track from N.A.S.A. featuring Barbie Hatch, RZA, and RHCP guitarist John Frusciante. The video, directed by Syd Garon with original artwork by Sage Vaughn, is unreal: gangsta watercolours with bleeding ink and birds that fly like bullets. The blending of song and visual is so good it blows my mind.


Garon, in an interview at Flux, said “The animation process could be described as giving movement to a series of paintings rather than making an animation. I try hard to animate in a style that looks right for the painting.” 

Via No Fat Clips


  1. […] video, directed by Three Legged Legs, isn’t, for me, quite as kick ass as N.A.S.A.’s last vid for “Way Down”, this is still well-realized and way more creative than most videos out […]

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