patrick hughes: signs.

So I’m a little behind the curve on this one, because it’s already topped one million YouTube views, but I just found it. And it’s cute. Really cute. The perfect balance of cute that girls will swoon and guys won’t feel emasculated for feeling its undeniable cuteness. 


Directed by @RadicalMedia’s Patrick Hughes for the Schweppes Short Film Festival, this is some high-end classy ass online marketing. Sure, it’s for Schweppes  – no denying that – but it’s just so… cute! If you’re going to pretend to put on your own film festival, it either has to be so grassroots amateur grimy that people thing real people did it or it has to be like this: beautifully shot, nicely soundtracked, and emotionally impactful.

This is a quality little short – and it mostly made me believe that maybe Schweppes is a brand that creates art for the sake of art and not for promotion… until I saw the fucking product shot at 6:30. WTF? Why? WHY?? It totally pulled me out of the story. It’s like everyone at the table totally got what was going on, but then there was one old dinosaur Marketing VP who insisted there be a product shot. If they thought they could sneak it in there with nobody calling cheese, they were wrong. 

But it’s so cute, I forgive them.


  1. do you know which tracks they used for sound?

  2. Shoot! The fact that they didn’t kiss makes my chest ache a little. Simply adorable. I agree with the lame-ass ps. It created an “I want to be Coca-Cola” moment for me. The barely-there glimpse of the bottle (i.e., the product placement) on her desk would have been sufficient. For a moment I imagined my office going around today speaking in only marker-to-paper talk. I decided it would be really pleasant…Cheers!


  1. SIGNS Video says:

    […] (vbc) = ‘hidden’; = ‘#fff’ }); }); today patrick hughes: signs. trackback from post […So I’m a little behind the curve on this one, because it’s already […]

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