small great love.

Hey everybody. Some of you have noticed the new tab at the top of the blog, but today I’m officially kicking off a side project: Small Great Love.

Next week I’ll be going to South Africa, with 9 other people from Virgin companies around the world, on a “Wake Up Trip” created by Virgin Unite – Virgin’s global charity. We’ll be heading to Newington – a village about 6 hours drive northeast of Johannesburg – where we’ll spend a week building a crèche (the South African term that’s similar to “kindergarten”) for the local families. Their current crèche is run down and, even worse, the 5 and 6-year old kids are forced to cross an active railroad track to get to it. We’re going to not only be building on the safe side of the tracks, but we’re also going totally environmentally friendly: VOC-free paint, recycled materials, eco-friendly learning toys, a play set made from recycled tires, a vegetable garden, rain-water collectors, and way more.

Starting today, I’ll be chronicling the trip on Small Great Love. The name arose from a quote by Mother Teresa, that “we can do no great things, only small things with great love.” This idea means a lot to me; it speaks to the power we all have to do small things that are unspeakably meaningful. If we look at the world as a whole, our problems easily seem insurmountable. But with acts of small great love any person, any where, can make a difference in the life of someone else. To me, that’s such a beautiful, life-affirming thing.

If you’re into it, please check out Small Great Love. Follow it so that I can show you the trip. And if you want, you can also donate online to the crèche directly through Virgin Unite. The more cash we can raise, the more support we can give the kids at the school. Thanks y’all.



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