yun suh: city of borders.

Creating buzz at the recent Hot Docs Festival here in Toronto, Yun Suh’s “City Of Borders” looks at a group of people deuling with not one discriminatory social divide, but two. Focusing on the people (some of whom have risked their lives to cross illegally through the wall between Israel and Palestine) who meet at Shushan, Jeruslaem’s only gay bar, to commiserate and cope with not only the deeply ingrained struggle between Jews and Arabs, but also between homosexuals and everyone else. In a strained country, in one of the most volatile areas in the world, these men and women deal daily not only with the political and religious struggles of their people but also with being gay. It’s complexity squared. Don’t even get me started on the Jewish/Arab lesbian couple. They’ve got it rough.

Shot in an extremely open, simple, no holds barred style, “City Of Borders” reveals the inner lives of people who’s mere acknowledged existence brings them scrutiny and, very possibly, harm. Sure, North America has it’s struggles with equality, but I don’t remember ever hearing anyone talk about having to secretly crawl through a barbed-wired filled government-sanctioned wall just so they could have a few drinks and possibly get some. Yun Suh has given us the gift of being able to open ourselves up to the struggles of other who are like us in so many ways and remember just how good we’ve got it.

Via Goliblogski

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