department of eagles + patrick daughters: no one does it like you.

Holy fuck. I don’t know how I missed this when it debuted at a few months ago, but I’m so pumped I stumbled onto it today. I see a lot of videos, and of course there’s a certain style I’m into, but it’s not every day where I see something that I need to watch all the way through, think about, and then say to myself “did I really just see that?” and then watch it over again.

This mind-blowing vid for Department of Eagles’ “No One Does It Like You” first dropped as part of MoMA’s PopRally series. It’s directed by The Director’s Bureau’s Patrick Daughters (who also did Feist’s big time ubiquitous “1234” vid) , who collaborated with amazing Canadian artist Marcel Dzama to create the melancholy, vague, and pseudo-presentational war style captured so perfectly in the video.

Seriously, watch it right now. I can’t keep my jaw off the floor.

Via Life In Planet Hunky Dory


  1. […] created by one of my fave directors, Patrick Daughters. I posted his unbelievable awesome vid for Department of Eagle’s “No One Does It Like You” a while ago. If you didn’t see it, you have to. If you did, it’s worth seeing […]

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