sean tubridy: toys on roids.

Save Polaroid co-founder Sean Tubridy delivers some solid proof on just why the old skool photosystem should stay around. Taking arresting and witty pics of some beloved retro toys with the equally beloved retro camera, “Toys On Roids” is both a play on words and a kick-ass photo series. So kick ass, in fact that luckily Tubridy has turned it into a book. I wants it. I wants it real bad.


The blank emotional slate of toys lends itself so well to reinterpretation by adults. We remember, intrinsically, the lives and voices and personalities we developed into these toys when we were kids. To see them photographed now, as adults in adult situations, it’s just as easy to transer our own meaning onto what they’re doing without losing the joy and nostaliga.

Or, to put it more simply, He-Man is really fucking awesome. If you’re into these, you’ll love Daniel and Geo Fuchs’ Toygiants.







Via Goliblogski


  1. I love the 2001-inspired Lego monolith scene.

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