ross ching + death cab for cutie: little bribes.

First and foremost I’m a writer, so I always love it when the power of simple text gets used visually. But I’m also a design geek, so when that text is lovingly mutated and brought alive in gorgeous ways, the whole thing is win win. 

Recent San Diego State film grad Ross Ching took two weeks to create this fan vid for Death Cab For Cutie’s “Little Bribes.” 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

All good things travel around from somewhere, and Ching’s vid seems inspired by (or came from the same place of inspiration as) a vid from one of my fave directors on the planet, Australian Kris Moyes. He created this genius bit of stop motion kick ass for Softlightes’ “Heart Made Of Sound.”

In case you missed it, a few years ago Moyes dreamed up one of my fave videos of all time, again for Softlightes, but for “The Microwave Song.” It’s one of the best things ever, and if you think I wasn’t being serious before about respecting the ways artists can be inspired by others, I have a feeling Moyes’ “The Microwave Song” vid was at least a little bit imagined thanks to this clip.




  1. Jenny says:

    Oh! That was delightful…
    p.s. i LOVE your blog

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