blink + tomas mankovsky: sorry I’m late.

I see some people bitching online about how many stop motion videos there are and I think they should shut up. Sure, the whole stop motion thing has been really popular lately, and I think it’s for two reasons:

a) If done well, it’s really fucking awesome. b) It can be cheap, and is an amazing technique for low-budget or up-and-coming artists to create cool motion design.


Plus, if you’ve ever seen how gruelingly, excrutiatingly, painfully long it takes to create, it’s amazing how much love has to be put into it. As long as it’s being used to create something true and beautiful, it shouldn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it before. That would be like saying Impressionism is played out because Manet did it all before Monet. And, if you said that, you’d be an idiot.

There’s always room for more of something awesome.

Besides just being generally hot, “Sorry I’m Late” is even more impressive when you realize that Blink’s Tomas Mankovsky created it with stop motion, shooting a bunch of stills on a gym floor from a camera suspended from the ceiling. That, my friends, is bad ass. No matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Rocketboom


  1. super cute. very michel gondry if he did stop animation

  2. that was nicely done.. and I agree, for as much as it is used, sometimes it is just nicely done (and sometimes disasters..)

    Great job Tomas. Hope to see more.


  1. […] 10 07 2009 Tomas Mankovsky made a major splash on the webs (on almost every blog like mine, including mine) with his crazy stop-mo vid “Sorry I’m Late.” That vid was kick ass and deserved […]

  2. […] on the video player looked unappealing. Thus, I never actually watched it. However, the post at shape+color caught my eye. Very fun over-sized stop-motion […]

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