n.a.s.a. + alexei tylevich: a volta.

It seems like every few weeks N.A.S.A. releases a vid, but as long as they keep kicking ass and taking names like this I’m definitely not complaining. Check out my favourite other recent N.A.S.A. vid: the Syd Garon-directed  “Way Down” and the Three Legged Legs-directed “Gifted.”

Their latest, “A Volta”, is directed by Logan’s Alexei Tylevich and inspired by the work of Mexican-American artists The Date Farmers. This will mess you up. It’s a sort of electro-toy film noir gangster-esque coke-fueled space movie. Seriously. It’s everything. It’s insanely killer. It’s also a bit raw at points, so if you’re someplace uptight right now you might wanna watch it from home.

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