joker’s daughter + hayley morris: lucid.

Besides loving this song, the vid for Joker’s Daugter’s “Lucid”, directed by artist and animator Hayley Morris,  gives me a strong renaissance magic vibe. I feel court jesters, voodoo, tarot cards, commedia dell’arte, and hooded men sitting in towers controlling things you don’t realize they’re controlling. Morris shot the whole thing with hand-made paper puppets on painted backgrounds. Impressive.

Joker’s Daughter is a musical collab between legendary producer Danger Mouse and UK-born folk singer/songwriter Helena Costas. Their debut, “The Last Laugh”, dropped in June but I’m just catching on to it now.

Clearly exhibiting an eye for visuals as well as an ear for music, I’m also really into the vid for “Worm’s Head”, directed by Randy Knott.


  1. so delicate…brillant

    fine stuff round here!


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