gabe askew + grizzly bear: two weeks.

So, Grizzly Bear kick ass. We all know that. But in addition to the offical video for “Two Weeks”, directed by the awesome Patrick Daughters, the song has also inspired the creation of some equally beautiful fan vids. The first was J Tyler Helms’ “Red Balloon” homage from a few months ago.

But now, kicking it up about a thousand notches in the fan video department, comes this staggeringly lovely video from Gabe Askew.


Here’s the thing. The video has two guys in it, but it’s not about the fact that it’s  two guys. They simply “are.”

Socially, it’s incredibly crucial for any minority to be represented in all facets of society – entertainment, journalism, mass media, politics, etc. – not by their stereotypes but by their realities. As gay people, we need to be, deserve to be, and should promote and support artists who represent our lives in simple, truthful, meaningful ways. And that’s just what this video does: it’s not about two gay guys, it’s about two people in love.

I don’t know if Askew is gay or straight, but Ed Droste, the lead singer of Grizzly Bear, is openly gay. Though the lyrics aren’t gender specific, I imagine when he wrote it he was thinking about two men. And now there’s a video that, incredibly well, brings that second layer of the song to life.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Towleroad


  1. videofan says:

    Gabe Askew rocks. His video work is amazing. Full of passion and imagination. And Gabe is straight, very happily married to his beautiful and talented wife.

  2. aaaa-men.

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