radi0lab + will hoffman: 16: moments.

Call me a pussy, but I just cried like a baby watching this. In a similar vein to Chris Milk’s amazing “Last Day Dream”, Radi0lab and  Will Hoffman’s “16: Moments” delivers a bombardment of visual poignancy that’s a bit overwhelming. But in a good way. Like being drawn under by an ocean wave. Or blown out of a cannon. Or eating too much wasabi.

See, I get all emotional because at times like this you realize how universal these glimpses are. People really are very much the same. I had a sort of visual-synaesthesia episode watching this: I tasted parts, I touched others. I was only watching a lap top screen, yet I could smell things.

Powerfully engaging. Like taking your whole life and strolling it past a long hall of mirrors. When I looked I saw things I was, things I am right now, and things I will be…

Via No Zap


  1. Same here… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Robert Adams says:

    You should check out all the recent Radio Lab podcasts. They are currently doing a series on life, death and afterlife of which this video is a recent addition. All of the recent episodes are moving.

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