fever ray + johan renck: seven.

I’m developing a massive obsession with Fever Ray. She is so unabashedly weird you can’t help but fall in love with her. And each video she steps it up in the obscure and bizarre department: check out her previous vids “When I Grow Up” and “Triangle Walks.” She is so thoroughly esoteric that it makes me feel like I’m the only one who understands her, and that it turn makes me feel special. Like we’re communicating in some sort of fucked up video-code across the countries and oceans. I really, really,… really would like to get a drink with her.

In her latest video for “Seven”, acclaimed video director Johan Renck (professional partner and contemporary of Jonas Åkerlund) created this completely unsettling nightmare-scape of an old woman telling her life story from inside a barn filled with skittish livestock and, obviously, a duo of beard-faced men. What does it all mean? As I’ve said before, usually in reference to Björk or Tori Amos, I have no idea what it means to her. But I know it means something very special to her, and therefore I can extrapolate from that and then interpolate for myself what it means to me. And that amazing exchange, a free flow of interpretation from artist to viewer, is, to me, the highest form of art.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Pitchfork


  1. anytime jeremy.

  2. @kate major thanks for the headsup and link. your vimeo channel is killer.

  3. Since this exclusive Pitchfork video has expired, I wanted you to know it’s now on Vimeo, and on my channel, if you want to replace it:

    Love your blog; it’s a daily visit.

  4. pragmatic says:

    Obsession with Fever Ray is understandable… it happened very fast to me. However, I just wanted to mention the way you describe that “free flow of interpretation from artist to viewer” is so, so incredible. You’ve fed my obsession.


  1. […] We’ll Be Found”, and  though not quite as esoteric as Björk or as fearless as Fever Ray, she’s definitely inside a pack of artists who take the video medium as an opportunity to do […]

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