douglas coupland + crush: generation a.

Douglas Coupland is a genius. I’ve read everything he’s ever published, and he was one of the first authors who transitioned me from a sort of education-based reading automaton to an actual passion for how pop culture, modernity, and the beauty of everyday details can me imbued into writing. I love this man with all my heart.

As a promo for his latest novel, “Generation A”, his upcoming sequel to his groundbreaking novel “Generation X”, Toronto’s own Crush delved into Coupland’s chaotic, eccentric, frenetic, brilliant mind. A pseudo-interview; they’ve evolved it to the next level by interspersing it with imagery and dialogue from “Generation A”, elements of which I don’t think will make total sense without reading the book. It’s like a short film/advertisement/pop art/literary study. It’s functioning on so many levels it makes me giddy.

Marry me, Douglas Coupland.

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