home video: you will know what to do.

I love so much about this. First, I’ve been listening to this tune all day long. Besides being an incredible song, New Orleans-based trio Home Video created an intriguing (and inexpensive) video for their track “You Will Know What To Do” by re-editing and re-imagining archival footage from NASA.

Second, there’s something so simple and poignant to me about people hurtling themselves into space, the most important aspect of their journey being the confidence that they will somehow know what to do. Humans are so fragile, yet our dreams can be so unjustifiably strong and our hopes as clean and clear as faith in ourselves.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. hey there, i just came over your blog, and i thinks its great! thanx for the great selections! and this article topped it of! salutts from fjordlands!

  2. BrokenFACEm says:

    who’s the artist playing?


  1. […] Home Video dropped a killer remix of Wave Machines’ “Keep The Lights On.” You should […]

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